Bradford textile company tweeted the worst way to defeat the deep water tornado: “We will not let you stop us!”

The tweet came a few hours after the Texas Department of State Health Services tweeted that it was investigating the tweet and would “look into” it.

“We would like to apologize to the people of Bradford for any inconvenience this tweet caused,” said a statement on the department’s website.

The tweet was deleted after a brief period of speculation that it had been edited to make it more sinister.

Bradford says it has not been notified by the department that the tweet has been deleted.

However, it has sent out a statement saying that it has been contacted by officials in Texas, who have confirmed that the department “is investigating the account.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was made by Bradford in response to an email from Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott to its president.

Abbott’s email said that the state has identified the tornado as the deadliest since 1979, which caused extensive damage to several Texas towns, killing 19 people and leaving at least 100,000 others homeless.

It was the second-deadliest tornado in Texas history.

Bradfords spokesman Michael Hensley told Mashable that it is the company’s responsibility to act responsibly and make sure that the “public safety is protected” by the state.

“It is our responsibility to do the right thing by the people,” Hensler said.

“If it is not done, we are not going to be in business.”

The company said it is currently looking into what it said was the tweet’s content.

“The tweet was meant to be humorous,” Henley said.

“[We] are currently looking at what it was and how it got to our website.”

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