Which textile industry in Salem, MA is dying the fastest?

A year after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the state, textile workers and mill workers in Salem are still searching for jobs after being laid off from their factories, even though the mill is closing.

As of October 31, the Salem Textile Industry has lost around 200 jobs in the past year, according to the state’s unemployment department.

The Salem textile industry is an important part of the Salem-New London economy, said Rachel Creswell, a spokesperson for the Salem Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Salem’s textile industry employs around 500 people.

But when the mill closed down, it shut down mills in New London and Salem, leaving the workers with no work to do, she said.

The Salem Textiles Industry is one of the few industries that’s been able to continue, said Creswolds spokesperson, Erin Phelan.

Saleman and the textile industry’s plight has been well-documented, and the city’s unemployment agency has been working on a plan to help the textile workers.

On Oct. 30, the state unemployment agency published a report, titled “Salem Textile Workers: Job Loss in New Jersey and New York Is Likely,” which called for the city to create and invest in job creation.

SalEM, as the city is known, has been a textile hub for decades.

It has more than a dozen mills, all in New England, and is home to a number of textile companies that produce textiles for the consumer market, such as J.

Crew, Levi Strauss, and Levi’s.

But after Sandy struck, it was one of just three cities in the country that saw the textile industries closure.

The rest of the states lost textile industries in Sandy.

“The industry was not doing very well, and people were not getting any money, so people went home,” Cresweld said.

“But after the mill went down, people started looking for work again.”

The city has spent tens of millions of dollars rebuilding and restoring the mills.

In 2013, the city purchased and renovated another mill in Salem that had been closed by the mill, and reopened it.

Now, the mills are running at full capacity, according the city.

The city hopes to have another mill back online by the end of the year.

The city of Salem is hoping that it can help the mills reopen.

The mill has been closed for five years, and most of the jobs lost have been people working at the mill.

Creswal said the city wants to bring back as many of those jobs as possible.

“We are hoping to get people back into work, because we need those workers to do that production,” Ceswell said.

The mill has also been hit hard by the economic downturn, and that’s not helping, said Phelans spokesperson, Andrea Johnson.

“People are just not going to be able to get back to their normal jobs,” Johnson said.

Phelani said the mill needs more help than it has received.

“This is a mill that makes cloth that is a major component of our city, that is one that is in every neighborhood,” Phelian said.

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