Which countries produce the world’s best textiles?

An analysis of the world, including those that produce textiles, has identified countries that produce the most textiles.

A key question is: Which countries?

The answer to that question is, in some sense, no.

The answer, rather, is, of course, yes.

In an article by India’s Times of India newspaper, which was published in March 2018, the author, former textile industry executive K. R. Raghavan, said that the world has a huge market for textiles but that the supply chain for textile exports is complex and requires a complex set of rules.

The authors’ conclusion is that the top 5 producing countries for textile production are the United States, China, India, Brazil and Russia.

The next 5 are France, Italy, the UK and Japan.

The fourth is South Korea.

The countries in the middle are also important producers of textiles with a combined output of 1.5 million tonnes per year, Raghavans said.

“There are about 5 million textile factories in India,” he said.

The biggest textile exporters are the US, China and India.

India is the largest exporter of textile products, producing 1.25 million tonnes of cotton and 0.5m tonnes of wool.

China is the second largest exporters and produces 1.1 million tonnes and 0% of the global textile output.

The US is third, with 0.3 million tonnes.

The UK, Italy and Japan were fourth and fifth.

In the United Kingdom, the textile industry employs around 13,000 people and accounts for about 9% of total UK GDP, according to the UK government’s 2017 statistics.

The United States is second largest textile exporter at 8,400,000 tonnes per annum and Japan, fourth at 4,300,000.

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