When it comes to manufacturing the best textile, Panama has its own style

Panamanian textile industry workers wear the same uniform and work the same job in almost every city they work in, according to the country’s textile industry.

The industry employs nearly 6,000 people in the country, and employs the countrys top textile companies, such as Apollon, Apollonia and Tintura.

According to the industry’s own website, the industry has an annual turnover of around $30 billion and produces approximately 40 percent of the worlds cotton production.

The Panamanians are also the top cotton exporter to the U.S. and Europe, and the second-largest cotton exporters to China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

But even with a booming textile industry and an aging industry, Panama’s production has remained relatively stagnant over the last decade, and that trend is expected to continue as the economy matures.

In fact, the country has seen its textile output decrease by almost 40 percent since 2000, and it has only made a small dent in the world’s production of the country of 77 million people.

While the industry is still booming, it will need to keep its production steady to stay competitive in the global textile market.

Panamania is one of a handful of countries that exports textile to the United States, according, a U.K. government report.

The report noted that the country “exports its high-quality cotton to a global market of approximately $2.6 trillion.”

This year, the U,S.

exported $2 billion worth of cotton, with the highest amount coming from Panama, according the report.

“In the last six years, Panama exports more than half of the cotton it sells in the U

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