When a Danish textile industry went out of business, the textile industry’s employees did not know how to cope

A textile industry in Denmark was not a safe place for workers when it went out, according to some workers.

The Danish textile and apparel industry suffered a devastating loss on Monday when its owner went out on a strike.

It’s now closed, but there’s no indication when the textile and textile industry will reopen.

The company has a history of running out of funds, said Jørgen Jensen, a textile industry worker.

The company’s textile supplier is the Danish National Textile and Fashions Association, or DSF.

The government of Denmark, which is the largest textile exporter in the world, says the textile supply chain is in a “deteriorating” state.

The factory, which had about 100 workers, was in the process of selling off most of its output when the strike began.

The workers said they were told the factory would shut down on Friday.

The workers said the factory was not ready to be sold off until it was in a better state of repair.

“We were told we would not get any wages at all,” said Jutta Gebhard, a worker from Norway who was one of the first to go on strike.

Gebhard was on a contract at the plant until 2017.

The contract stipulated that her wages were to be set at 30 percent of the minimum wage.

The factory has a management structure that does not allow for flexible contracts, said Jensen.

“They were saying they were not going to pay us, we were not paying them, and we weren’t going to get any money at all.”

Jensen said it’s not clear how many workers were on the strike at the time.

The union says the company had at least 400 employees.

“It’s impossible to estimate, because there was no communication between the company and the workers,” said Jensen, who has since retired.

“It’s the workers who decided to go out on strike.”

A spokesperson for the Danish government said the government will continue to support the workers and help them with the financial situation.

“The government has worked to help the workers, which includes providing food, accommodation, medical care, and support,” said Kristian Vossen.

The DSF said it has offered to assist with salaries.

“There was no explanation of what happened with the factory.

We hope the company will work with us and not use the strike as an excuse to avoid paying wages,” said Vossens spokesperson.

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