What’s the biggest industry in Australia you can’t get?

Industrial hemp textile printers are still a huge industry, with companies like the Australian Fibre Co. and D’Arcy Industries employing up to 30,000 workers and generating $2.4 billion in annual sales.

But what’s not known is how many people in Australia have actually worked in the field, and what industries it is.

Industrial hemp is the name given to a type of plant that is used for industrial fibre production and could be used for a range of other industries.

It has the potential to be an important source of fibre in Australia, particularly in Australia’s leafy regions, such as the South Australian leafy region.

But despite growing popularity, the industry is still very small and there are currently no formal regulations.

The main industries in Australia are textiles and chemicals.

Textiles are often made from the leaves of hemp and can be made into clothing and shoes.

But industrial hemp could be a more viable option for clothing.

There is currently a wide range of industrial hemp products available, including textiles that can be used to make furniture and furniture accessories, including fabrics such as satin and cotton, and even clothing.

But the Australian Federal Government has introduced a range that include a range in the shape of flowers, fruit, vegetables, and wood, as well as edible products such as chocolate and chocolate syrup.

These products could be the way in which industrial hemp is used in Australia.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a type in the cannabis plant.

It is a legume with a fibrous tissue that can support many other plants.

It grows in a range from arid, semi-arid, and semi-wet areas to coastal and temperate areas.

In the temperate zones, it is used to produce biofuel.

The name industrial hemp comes from the German word for “plants” and is derived from the Greek word “hobium”.

Industrial hemp was first used for fibre in the 18th century and in the 19th century it was used to create the material for clothes.

However, after the First World War, it was restricted to textiles.

It was then used in the textile industry, and in fact, is still the main source of fiber in Australia today.

What are the benefits?

Hemp fibre is an ideal material for textiles because it is relatively inexpensive, which means it can be manufactured at a lower cost.

It can be processed at low temperatures, so the products can be transported very cheaply and can also be used in a variety of industries.

Hemp can be a very low cost fibre, so it can often be found in textiles such as clothing and furniture.

It also provides a strong electrical and mechanical resistance, which is important for the textile sector.

It doesn’t take long to produce the fibres from the plant, so they can be cut up and used for other uses such as building insulation.

However the main benefits of hemp are its flexibility and its ability to be woven into many different fabrics.

Hemp fibre can also produce some very high-quality products, such in textile and textile-making equipment.

In fact, the Australian National University, has studied hemp’s fibre production to see what other products can potentially be produced from it.

Industrial Hemp is an Australian industry, although it’s relatively small.

It’s estimated there are over 200,000 industrial hemp plants in Australia producing a total of about $2 billion in yearly sales.

What’s happening now?

The current rules around industrial hemp production are currently being developed, which will give growers the freedom to grow their own industrial hemp.

This will allow them to make fibre products without having to import them from overseas.

There are also a number of regulations around the importation of industrial fibres.

Some growers are concerned about the high price they’ll pay when it comes to importing them from the United States.

However this is likely to change once the legislation is finalized.

It may also give growers more control over their products.

This could include restrictions on the import of hemp fibre, but this could also mean that growers can start growing hemp on their own land.

If this happens, it could also be beneficial to farmers because it will allow the country to start building infrastructure for the fibre industry.

The Federal Government is also looking at what kind of rules might be needed around hemp.

The Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food has been working with industry and farmers to determine what kinds of rules need to be put in place.

However these discussions are not yet complete.

The industry is also keen to know how this new regulation will impact on existing hemp production and processing in Australia and how the Government will manage this.

Are there legal implications for hemp farming?

Currently, industrial hemp farming is legal in Australia for the production of textile products and other agricultural products.

But this does not mean that hemp farming will be allowed to continue.

The federal government is not planning to restrict hemp farming in Australia beyond the current rules that

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