‘We’ll never have a national cotton monopoly’

The cotton industry in New South Wales is in turmoil after the government unveiled a $2 billion deal to import a range of products made with the stuff.

But what the government is getting in return is the prospect of a monopoly.

In fact, the industry’s future looks bleak.

In the short term, the government hopes to gain control of the industry by selling the right to import goods made from the cotton.

The NSW government says the deal with China would give the state control of a massive $1 billion market.

The government is not yet ready to disclose the terms of the deal, but it’s understood to be for a period of five years.

The plan would mean the state could dictate the production and pricing of cotton, making it easier to export and force farmers to produce more than they can sell.

The Australian Capital Territory, which has been the industry capital of NSW for decades, was one of the first to challenge the plan.

The NT government was one other Australian state that initially objected to the deal.

NT Premier Paul Little says it would be “unfair” to force farmers into the Chinese market.

“It is a very competitive market.

If the NT wants to keep the industry going, they should have the right in this deal to dictate the price of cotton,” he said.

But the NT’s agricultural minister says the NT has been “stirring the pot” for years and has been making a “fair” offer to China.

“The government of the day wants to have an agricultural market and to get out of the way of that market, to let that market develop,” Mr Little said.

“If the NT were to sign the deal it would not be fair for them to get involved in the China market.

They are a very good agricultural country and we’re in their backyard.”

He said the NT was a “great agricultural market”.

But the deal has faced strong criticism from other parts of the country.

A group of farmers in the state’s far north said the deal would destroy their livelihoods and “make the whole industry redundant”.

“It’s not fair for us to have to pay the same price for cotton as other farmers in this country,” farmer Chris Gillett said.

He says he can’t afford to import cotton in a state where the average wage is about $200 a week.

The deal has also faced a backlash from Australia’s major cotton producers.

“China is a world leader in the world of cotton and we’ve been in this market for a very long time,” said Andrew Nappi, chief executive of Australian Cotton Australia.

“We’re not going to be forced to go into a Chinese market.”

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