WATCH: New video for “Tangled” (Official Video)

A new video for the song from the new animated Disney film “Tangle” has been released.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Thursday, stars a character named “Jemma” as she talks about how her childhood dream of working in a sewing machine ended up as a full-time job.

Jemmah’s dream of sewing has been one of her most vivid and memorable experiences, as she had always been inspired by her father, who always told her that her job as a child was a full time job.

In the new video, she shares her story of growing up in a household of seamstresses.

“I remember when I was a baby, I’d be watching my dad make things and then my mom would make my dresses, I remember being very young and I’d go home and watch her make dresses and everything,” she said.

“That was a really important part of my childhood, sewing.”

She also shares her own sewing experience in the new song, which features clips of her and her friends doing their own work.

In addition to her work as a seamstress, Jemmah also loves making costumes, including the red dress she wears on the film’s final scenes.

She also talked about how sewing is also her favorite pastime.

“My dream is to be able to do this job, and it’s something I always dreamed about, and I’m really excited to get to do it,” she says in the video.

“Because of the fact that I’ve been sewing for so long, I’m so excited to be sewing again.”

Jemmalah will be seen in the Disney film as a part of the “Troublemakers” storyline, which will feature an all-new, animated character called “Maddie” in the film.

The Disney film’s “Tangling” film opens in theaters on May 31.

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