The Kashmir textile industry in the spotlight

The Kashmir garment industry, the world’s largest, is reeling under a wave of deforestation caused by a new wave of human-caused climate change, an industry expert says.

Seena Talwar, an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, told the Associated Press that while she knows that the cotton industry is suffering because of climate change and the impact of global trade, it is not the only industry.

There are many other industries that are suffering, she said.

I have seen it in the textile industry.

When you look at the textile factories in Kashmir, they are not in bad shape, but they are in bad condition.

And there is a huge gap between what they produce and what they sell, she told the AP.

Talwar said her lab has been tracking the textile sector for the past several years and has found evidence that the industry is in a crisis.

The textile industry was one of the industries hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis.

It is now a $3.7 billion industry.

Talwars research shows that the textile and textiles manufacturing sectors are experiencing more and more deforestation, she noted.

The industry lost an average of 12,000 hectares of land annually in 2016.

And the sector is projected to lose about 8.7 million hectares by 2040.

The textile industry is a crucial industry for India, which produces about $1.8 trillion worth of goods and services, according to a 2017 study by the World Bank.

It employs about 12 million people.

But while the cotton and textile industries have suffered, the garment industry is not immune to climate change.

In the past, many of the garments manufactured in the garment sector were made with recycled material, Talwars said.

This is because the industry uses a lot of recycled cotton.

But due to the impact that climate change has on the environment, it’s not possible to recycle more than half of the cotton used in clothing.

According to the report, only 40 percent of the total cotton used to make garments comes from recycled cotton, compared to the global average of 80 percent.

The report also found that the garment textile industry also suffers from climate change in terms of climate and water scarcity.

While the average global temperature in the past century has been 0.2 degrees Celsius, it has been higher in the last 15 years, according the report.

The report noted that global warming has created “extreme conditions for soil and water quality and for the availability of clean water.”

The textile industries in Kashmir have faced a lot in recent years due to a surge in the deforestation, Talwar said.

But the textile industries are resilient.

Talwar noted that there are people that are working in the cotton mills, the ones who produce the cotton.

They are there for their livelihood, and they are doing it because they love this industry, she added.

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