Prato textile factory closes as owner blames global trade boycott

The closure of a Prato factory that made clothing for the textile industry in Italy has been blamed on the boycott of the EU’s goods and services.

The closure of the Prato Fontello factory, located in the northeastern city of Brescia, comes as the Italian government prepares to unveil the government’s 2017-20 budget.

The announcement is expected on Monday.

The closure is the latest in a series of measures that have targeted the European Union’s exports to the country, which has been a target of the bloc’s sanctions.

The Prato Factory, located on the outskirts of Brest, was part of the textile sector for more than 150 years and had been in operation since the 1930s.

Its closure is a result of the boycott imposed by a global trade agreement called the EU-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Under the FTA, the EU is seeking to impose a 35% tax on imported products and a 75% tariff on exports.

This will be enforced in Italy as well as other EU countries.

The textile industry has long been a key source of jobs in the region, particularly in Bresci and Turin.

According to the local news website Mediaset, the textile factory employed 5,000 people in the first half of 2017.

According to the Italian news website Il Giornale, the factory was being operated by the company of a retired factory worker, who died earlier this month, and the plant had also employed more than 30,000 workers.

“Prato has always had a very good textile industry.

It has been growing at a very high rate and this is the reason why we lost so much time and money to this issue,” said Andrea Fagioli, a local trade union leader, in an interview with the Il Giocattoli newspaper.

The Italian government is also set to announce a raft of measures against the country’s export of textiles to the US.

On Monday, the government will announce the introduction of a ban on imports of Italian products from the US, the first such ban since the start of the FTA.

Italy’s trade surplus with the US was worth €2.1 billion in 2016.

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