Irish textile industry sees growth despite economic downturn

Irish textile production is set to grow by up to 11% over the next year despite the country’s downturn, with the industry seeing an increase in the number of workers.

An industry source told The Irish Times that the textile industry is seeing an upswing in the first quarter of 2017 after a downturn which saw the value of the sector fall from €2.5bn to just €1.2bn in the previous two months.

However, it also said that the downturn could have an adverse effect on textile production in future.

In a report to investors, the National Union of Textile Industries (NUITS) said that while it was a “very positive year for the Irish textile market”, there is still a lot of work to be done.

“The Irish textile sector will remain highly competitive for a number of years, but the outlook is not great,” the union said.

“In particular, it is vital that we address the growing concerns of low demand and labour supply.”

This is why it is important that we continue to invest in our manufacturing and logistics capabilities to ensure that we can continue to provide an affordable, high quality product at reasonable prices.

“We need to continue to look at the key factors that have contributed to our low-growth years and we will continue to work with stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that will deliver growth.”

The NUITS report also highlighted that textile production and exports have been affected by the current financial year, which saw a drop in the value for the industry of €1,500.

“There has been a marked increase in demand for our textile exports and we are continuing to see a significant increase in our textile production,” it said.

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