How to Survive in a ‘Toxic’ Industry

TENSIONS IN LESOTHO TOWERS, LESITHO — In a tiny coastal town just outside the city of Lescot, a dozen employees of a textile industry that manufactures clothes for luxury retailers like H&M and Calvin Klein are battling to survive amid an explosion of drug abuse.

The town of 3,000 has long been a center for drugs and prostitution, and the city’s drug problem has been on the rise.

There are three casinos, and dozens of street vendors selling drugs in the surrounding streets.

But the most violent part of the town is the sprawling industrial park that sits on the outskirts of town, surrounded by fences and metal fences, where a network of pipes and equipment leads to the nearby town.

The park is a magnet for drug addicts, who often go there for the same reason they frequent the casinos: cheap drugs.

The problem is that Lescote has been a hub for drug abuse since the mid-1980s, when it became the first town in the state to pass a ban on gambling and the largest city to ban the sale of drugs.

The ban was supposed to curb the drug trade, but it also has the unintended consequence of creating an addiction crisis that has infected every corner of the state, from the city to the countryside.

“We have seen the problem get worse in the past, but we are now seeing a real increase in it,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the mayor of Liscote.

“I think we have a very big problem in Lescota, but there is no way to say how big or how fast.”

Fauci’s government estimates that between 25 and 30 percent of Lesezonans use drugs, and it has become a major target for the drug dealers and other criminal groups.

It’s one of the states worst-hit by the drug epidemic.

Faucom is trying to solve the problem by trying to reduce the number of addicts in his town.

But he says the problem has gotten much worse than he anticipated.

“There is a certain number of people who are addicted, but when they go to get help, it’s not because they have a problem,” he said.

“The problem goes deeper than just drug use,” Fauco said.

“The people who get addicted to the drugs and the drug use are the people who were in this town before.

That’s where the problem is.””

You can’t control the people you know,” said former police officer and drug addiction expert John Roesch.

He worked in the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department for 27 years and was a former sheriff in Lascote.

Roeschi says that the drug problem in Los Angeles is largely caused by a lack of training and education, not by bad drug dealers.

“In Los Angeles, they have to be taught how to deal with people, how to interact with people,” he explained.

“They have to understand that they’re dealing with people and they’re going to get hurt.”

The problem was on display last month in the town of Gavilan, a town of about 3,600 people about 60 miles south of Lascot.

Local officials say they have been trying to find a way to get more drug users out of the area for a year, but that hasn’t been easy.

The city had a similar drug problem that caused the county to pass its own drug ban in the late 1990s, but now there are more than 100 addicts living in the small town.

They are not homeless, and they don’t have access to drugs, according to Gavilian officials.

The problem has also affected the local economy.

Gavilians have lost their jobs because drug dealers have moved in to the town, and their businesses have dried up.

The local school district lost a quarter of its students because drug addicts used the schools as drug markets, leaving teachers with nothing to do.

“They just want to get high, they don-t have anything else to do,” Gavillian school superintendent Robert Smith said.

“I think the problem of addiction is a growing problem,” said Faucci, the Lescoti mayor.

“But the people here, the people in the community, the community has to realize it is going to take some kind of effort.”

Faucom said he is trying a number of strategies to get the problem under control, but he said he’s not convinced the city can do it alone.

“If we are going to make a difference in this area, we need help from the government, we don’t need any help from our own people,” Fucco said, adding that he is also urging the state government to help.

“There is an urgent need for a comprehensive approach,” Fuca said.

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