How to protect your chile fabric from sun damage

In Chile, the country’s textile industry, fabric can often be worn by women and children, but there’s a danger that the fibers can become sunburn-resistant.

That’s what’s been driving a group of women who want to take matters into their own hands.

They’ve launched a website,, and are asking for help in making a new, durable fabric that is also easy to wash.

The group’s goal is to make a fabric that lasts for a year or more and is easily washable.

“We want to make an eco-friendly chile wool that can be used in every house and in every household,” said Joaquín Garcia, a member of the group, in a video explaining the project.

“Our goal is simple: we want to be able to make cloth in the future that is durable and beautiful, with all the care and care of the environment.”

The group says the goal is not to make it a one-size-fits-all product, but rather to help women avoid the potentially hazardous and expensive process of washing cloth in a dishwasher.

The organization says the group hopes to create a fabric made from chile-based fibers and that it can be purchased in Chile for $7 a yard, about half of what it would cost in the United States.

The company hopes to start selling the fabric in the next few months.

Garcia said that, in the meantime, he’s selling his shirts to raise money to start the business.

The clothing company is using a company called Cementite, which specializes in chilewool production.

The chile fiber is extracted from the ground, heated and then woven into fabric.

According to Cementit, it’s an environmentally-friendly process.

In fact, Cementites goal is called “Green Chile Wool.”

The company also says that chile wools have been used for centuries, even centuries after the Spanish discovered the country in 1521.

“Chilewools are the oldest fibers that are used for clothing and also in the construction industry.

The oldest textile in the world is made of chile,” said José Antonio Sanchez, Cements founder.

“This is the first time we are able to sell this product that is sustainable and sustainable with respect to the environment and the water.

We’re doing this in order to preserve the heritage of chiles culture, of chilis people, of the people who used chile in the past.”

The new cloth has a “sustainable” label.

According in a company press release, it comes from a sustainable chile cotton and is made with 100% chile oil.

The fabric is not only easy to work with, but it also has a higher carbon footprint than most other chile fabrics, according to the press release.

Cementito says the cotton and chile oils are recycled through a process called “sustainability” and are also certified as being non-toxic by the World Health Organization.

The new fabric is available in both sizes and colors.

The first batch of shirts was sold out in the first few days of availability, according the company.

It plans to increase the size of the first batch in the coming weeks, but the company says that it expects to start shipping the cloth in October.

“There’s a lot of demand,” Sanchez told CNN.

“It’s a very popular product, and it’s a good product.

The demand is very strong, and we’re doing everything we can to get it out.”

The website offers several ways to donate to the group.

The most popular is to support it by purchasing a shirt.

Sanchez said he’s already sold a few shirts in order for the group to grow, but he says the money raised will help the company expand production capacity and make the fabric more durable.

“That is the main motivation, to keep going, to make sure we can have a better product, so that our customers will be able wear the new chile cloth,” Sanchez said.

He added that the group has raised $150,000 from its crowdfunding campaign, which has already reached $100,000.

The website has also reached out to the U.S. embassy in Chile and asked the group for a donation to help with its operations.

“So we want you to donate something, because the most important thing is for us to be a sustainable company,” Sanchez added.

The Chilean government is working to develop a law that would allow companies to make sustainable products.

That could mean a chile woven cotton shirt could be made from a non-sustainable chile wax, for example.

The law has not yet been signed, but Sanchez said it will take time for the legislation to be finalized.

“The goal is for a little while, maybe even a year, to get a green chile law,” he said.

The goal of sustainability in chiles cloth industry is a goal that is supported by the government, but not a reality, according Sanchez.

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