How to make your own zebra mussels: The easy way

I love mussels.

My husband likes to get in on the fun and have them cooked and then freeze them.

He’s not a big fan of eating them raw, but we can do it if we like and we can even make a delicious vegan version.

I know this because I was asked by my husband to make one.

A few weeks later, I was cooking up a vegetarian version of the zebra fish soup and he brought it home with him for lunch.

It turned out that the mussels were the best part of it and we all ended up getting very, very excited.

The mussels are actually the largest part of zebra seafood and are actually found all over Africa.

They can grow to more than a foot in length, but only around 100 are actually harvested each year.

I had been thinking about how mussels might be used in vegan cooking for some time.

I was always interested in trying my hand at making mussels, and the idea of making mussel soup sounded like something I would really enjoy. 

Mussels are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, so I thought I’d try making some with them.

I’ve been making muslin fish stew and mussel stew for years and I thought it would be fun to try making muslins from mussels themselves. 

I had a lot of mussels on hand and could use them in this recipe. 

The muslin mussels would also be perfect for making vegan mussels soup.

This recipe uses muslin for the muslin and muslin stuffing.

The stuffing is made from muslin, with the muslins added to the muslage. 

 The stuffing recipe calls for muslin to be chopped and mixed with a few drops of olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper to make a vegan-friendly muslin. 

Once the musls were mixed, they were rolled into small balls and then baked in a pan until golden brown. 

I had muslins on hand so I didn’t have to worry about using a traditional muslin roll pan. 

Next, I stuffed them into the mussel-filled soup and sprinkled some sea salt on top to add some crunch. 

Then I sprinkled some dried parsley and cilantro on top, and served it with some muslin potato salad. 

Muslin muslin soup makes 6-8 servings. 

4.79 from 17 reviews Muslin muslins stuffed with sea salt and parsley in vegan muslin potatoes salad, vegan muslins recipe from Vegan Kitchen on Vimeo.

You can see more of my muslin recipes and recipes with vegan musls here. 

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Like this recipe? 

Try the Muslin Muslin Soup!

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