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By JASON LARSEN and ROBERT E. LINDSEYWORTH, AP WriterBy Robert LarsenAssociated PressBy Robert LindseyWORTH and LARSENSEN, APAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) This year, as the summer sun began to set over Washington, D.C., a young woman stood in the shade of a tree in the Georgetown area.

Her name was Kristin Taggart, and she was looking for help with a project she was working on for a nonprofit that helps people from low-income families.

Kristin Tiggart, 21, had just moved to the U.S. from Africa in 2014 to be with her father, who works as a contractor in Washington.

Kristina Taggert was also here with her parents, who live in Maryland.

The young women had recently started dating.

Kristin, who speaks fluent English, was eager to get to know the U,D.C. area and learn about its history.

The couple decided to try something new.

So they decided to visit the U.,D.K. on a date.

Kristi Tiggert, 23, said she and her father plan to take a trip to the United Kingdom.

It’s the second time they’ve been to the island since they moved here from Ethiopia in 2012.

They decided to make a point to come back to the city for the weekend and to meet a friend who is visiting from Canada.

They’re hoping to take the trip together this year, so they could visit their relatives in Africa.

Kristine Tagghart is one of the few people who has been to Africa since she arrived.

She has been living in London, England since last spring.

She said she loves her country, and that she’s excited to visit for the first time, even though it’s been two years since she’s been there.

She’s a big fan of the Beatles.

She also likes music and dancing.

But she’s also concerned about the potential negative impacts of her visit, especially the pollution that could come with a trip like this.

She said she doesn’t think people will appreciate the diversity of people who live there.

And she thinks it will be a tough sell to people who don’t really know much about the area.

“I think it’s going to be a little hard to make people really understand, you know, what we’re all about.

The diversity, the things that we’ve all experienced, the struggles, the hardships that have happened,” Taggard said.”

So, you’ve got to really, you’re not going to know anything about the people there, the cultures, and you’re probably going to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

It really is that big.”

Kristina said she hopes to bring back some memories to the two of them, which are something she hasn’t been able to do since her family left Africa for the U to go to college.

She and her husband have plans to start their own business here and they’re looking forward to doing that.

Kristini Taggarts mother, who is also a U.K.-based immigrant, said it’s good to see a different side of the U in the U-D.D.

The U-K is one that has a lot of different people, people who are immigrants from around the world and they all came to the country, they all love this country, she said.

But they also all have different views of how the U is.

And they’re going to get very different ideas about what the U should be.

They hope that people will see that it’s not all negative.

The U has some very positive parts.

I think it could actually be a very good place to live, she added.___By Robert LindseyWORTH:Associated Press writer Robert Larsens office at the National Archives in Washington, where the U was founded.

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