How a Textile Industry Got Its Start in the Philippines

The world is awash with textiles, which can be woven into everything from clothing to furniture.

Today, textiles make up one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and in the past few years, they have been growing fast.

The Philippines is a nation of more than 7 million people, making it one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

But with the Philippines still struggling to recover from a devastating civil war, many locals and international experts are worried that textiles will continue to lose out to apparel and footwear.

And it’s not just the country that is struggling: textiles are increasingly coming into conflict with each other.

In recent years, textile factories have been bombed, set on fire, and looted by locals in the country’s south, where most factories are located.

The conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands of workers.

Many are refugees, and many others have gone back home to seek work.

And now, one of these industries is in a state of crisis.

A few months ago, a Filipino textile company started making clothing for the Indonesian market.

A small group of textile workers came to Indonesia to join this new venture.

They brought their skills, and their passion for sewing, but they also brought their families.

They were looking for a better life.

As one of them told TIME, “I know this country, and I want to be an entrepreneur.

I want a better future.”

The textile workers are making clothes for a small Indonesian company, and the project has grown rapidly, to include a factory in the capital of Jakarta.

With the help of international textile investors, the company is now looking to expand to other countries.

But the Philippines is still a small country.

Its economy is estimated to be around $5 billion, and it has a population of just over 7 million.

While the Philippines has a lot of textile companies in its midst, many are small.

The company, named Manta, was founded by four brothers and their sister.

The founders are also the owners of a small textile company, called the Manta Textile Group, and have been in business for the last 25 years.

The brothers, who are from the southern city of Laguna, started out making clothes with their father, who was a tailor.

They went on to make clothes for other small businesses, and eventually, they started their own brand.

Manta has been working with local partners, but this project has raised the ire of some locals.

According to local news outlets, Manta was caught in an economic trap, and now is facing a crisis.

The factory was shut down in May, after two months of being under construction.

After the factory was closed down, locals were angry and accused Manta of selling cheap goods to the Indonesians, even though the company says it’s doing so only to create jobs for local people.

Local residents have accused the company of using local workers to make garments for Indonesia’s market, and they have called for an investigation into Manta.

The Philippine government is aware of the problems that Manta faces.

In September, it announced that it would spend more than $20 million to help rebuild the plant, which had suffered extensive damage from a fire last year.

But local leaders are not giving up.

They’re pushing for a full investigation, to find out who is responsible for Manta’s troubles.

And the brothers are still trying to build the company.

“We want to make it a profitable company,” said Manta chairman, John Tumil, who told TIME that they want to open a factory near the city of Mandaue, in Mindanao, where the workers have been working.

But some locals say that this could be a mistake.

“They are using the Indonesian workers, who have no knowledge of sewing, and are using them to make the clothes,” said local textile worker, Nene Pangbantong, to TIME.

“This is what makes them so dangerous.

They can’t work properly and will only hurt their employer.”

For many local people, Manda is a symbol of corruption and exploitation, and a symbol that the textile industry is not going to be safe.

But for Tumu, and others, the brothers have done something that they are proud of: They have been making clothes that will last a lifetime.

Manto has built a small factory in a small village, in a remote part of Indonesia, where they’re currently working on expanding their business.

Manda has also built a factory for the first time in the whole country, with more to come.

Matoa’s factory is a small place, with only a handful of employees.

And while the brothers’ factory is small, they’re making clothes without paying wages.

In order to make more clothing, they are also using local labor, which means they have to use local women.

Many local workers are in poverty, and Manta says they will use

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