How a Mumbai-based textile factory is the backbone of a nation’s economy

Textile exports have boomed in India.

In fact, India exports more than $10 billion worth of textile goods each year.

India exports nearly 50 percent of the world’s cotton.

But the textile industry in India has been under siege since the Narendra Modi government came to power in May last year.

After the BJP came to office, the Modi government ordered the shutdown of more than 1,000 factories in the textile sector, forcing textile companies to lay off tens of thousands of workers.

And as textile workers were forced to layoff workers, the BJP government took aim at other industries too, threatening to make India a manufacturing powerhouse and destroy the country’s manufacturing base.

The government is now trying to make up for lost ground with the launch of a new, government-funded textile sector project.

The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, or BMS, has been developing a textile sector to be a key part of the economy, but it’s been trying to do so through the help of local manufacturing.

The BMS has also started a new project to build a textile factory in Madura Industrial Textiles, or MADU.

The company, which is also a textile manufacturer, has already been producing garments in Maduras industrial park for the last six months.

And Madura has already become a hub for textile production.

It has the capacity to produce over 10 million garments per year.

The textile sector has been a lifeline for Madura.

The factory in the industrial park produces clothing, hats, sweaters, sweatwear, jackets, caps and other products for domestic and international markets.

The city has also become the hub of textile manufacturing in the country.

It is home to textile mills, textile mills in Madurai, a textile manufacturing hub in Mumbai and Maduramalayam, which produces apparel and other textile products in Madras and Madurai.

In Madurai alone, there are approximately 150 textile mills producing garments, according to BMS.

“In the past five years, we have been in touch with a number of textile manufacturers who have expressed interest in joining us in this project,” said Madurame Mukesh, managing director of MADU, which will be set up in a sprawling industrial park called Madura City Industrial Park, or MCE.

The MCE is located in Madulam Industrial Park and is home of the Madurai Metropolitan Corporation, one of the largest textile mills of India.

The Madurai Mills is one of India’s largest textile producers.

It also has the ability to produce garments for international markets and is the largest importer of textile in the world.

It will also be one of BMS’ first factories in Madurec, which means it will have the ability of exporting garments to the US, Brazil, the European Union and other international markets through an inter-ministerial process.

MADU will be the factory of choice for the BMS to produce clothing for international customers.

“We are a leading apparel and textile manufacturer in Maduria and have a long track record in manufacturing garments,” Mukesh said.

“It is our commitment to develop our industry in the region and our capacity to export garments will be a great benefit to the textile workers in Maduro.”

MCE manufactures a variety of garments and accessories.

It manufactures cotton and wool, as well as fabrics, footwear and accessories, Mukesh added.

MADURAMALAYAM is one among a number textile mills that are being built in Madurs industrial park.

The industry has been witnessing a boom in the last few years, as textile mills were shut down.

However, Madurames industrial park, which was the heart of Madura textile industry before the closure, is still bustling with activity.

There is no doubt that the MCE’s investment in MADU is a major step forward in the growth of the textile industries in the state.

“The Madura Mills is a very significant step forward for the textile factories of Madurami,” said Rajesh Kumar, president, Madura Manufacturing Industries Association.

“This is a big investment that will enable us to further expand our capacity and grow the Madura industry.”

Maduramas textile industry has a lot to offer the state’s textile industry.

The mills produce clothing, accessories, shoes, sweats and more, Mukash added.

Madura’s textile factories are also known for their high quality products.

“MADU is the only textile mill in the area that produces clothing at the quality level of the best textile mills,” Mukash said.

A textile mill can be considered as a key component of the fabric industry.

According to Mukesh’s report, Madurai mills produce more than 70 percent of all the clothing produced in the entire country.

The majority of these garments are produced in Maduzamalai Mills in Maduru.

“As we are not

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