D.C. textile industry hit hard by recession

The District is hit by a recession.

But the textile industry is doing well.

The industry employs some of the most skilled workers in the country, and the state’s economy is expanding rapidly.

So far this year, the District has added some 4,000 textile jobs, up from 2,500 in the same period a year ago.

The textile industry has had to adjust to the downturn.

Many factories have shuttered.

Some workers are struggling to pay the bills, but others are finding ways to survive.

It’s been a tough few years for the industry, but the District is doing much better than many other areas, said David Zuckerman, a senior fellow at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

The textile job market has been hard hit by the downturn, but Zuckerman said the industry is not looking for another downturn.

“If there is a downturn, it’s more likely to be a milder one than the others,” he said.

“There are certainly good reasons to be optimistic, but we haven’t seen a severe downturn.”

The city of D.N.C., home to the nation’s largest textile industry, has struggled to keep up with the demand for clothes.

In the city, factories have been closed, and some employees have struggled to find work, like one employee at a fabric store who said he had to lay off all the employees.

But the District’s unemployment rate is less than 1 percent, and it is still growing.

The city has been able to attract and retain workers by providing job training programs.

In fact, a lot of people are working part-time jobs in the District.

But many of the workers who need jobs are not in the city’s textile industry.

Zuckerman said the district should focus on expanding its textile industry in order to attract more skilled workers and provide them with jobs.

He said the city could help people find work in other sectors, like restaurants, hotels and retail.

He also said that while the city has to offer job training, the city should also work to get more people back into the job market.

Some workers are looking for ways to work more, even when they can’t find a job.

A recent survey found that one in four D.D. residents said they have not looked for work in a month.

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