City textile industries to benefit from a proposed new law

City textile industry officials are hopeful that a proposed legislation to regulate the industries and businesses that use the fabric of our city will go through Parliament.

The City of Victoria is one of the few jurisdictions in Australia that have enacted legislation to ensure that textile industries are safe and well regulated, but some local residents are concerned about what could happen to their local businesses if the proposed legislation is passed.

City of Victoria textile industry chief executive, Greg Davies, said the industry would be “highly affected” by the proposed laws.

“We would have to make some very hard decisions and it would be a very difficult decision,” he said.

“What we’ve seen in the past is that there have been instances where there have gone wrong decisions and things like that, but the way the process is structured is the way that it should be.”

I’m not sure that there’s any place in our community where we’re going to be less safe than Victoria.

“Mr Davies said that the industry was already working to make the proposed measures more robust.”

The main thing is to be prepared for the fact that there are very serious issues that we’re facing,” he told the ABC.”

Our main concern is the fact there is no mechanism for oversight in Victoria.

“The proposed legislation would require that the fabrics used to make clothes in Victoria be manufactured in the State, while it would also prohibit any textile industry from using fabrics manufactured outside Victoria.

Mr Davies says he is hopeful that the proposed Victorian legislation will pass through Parliament this year.”

This is a very significant piece of legislation that’s going to impact on the fabric industry in Victoria,” he added.”

And so it’s something that we will be watching very closely to see what happens to it and whether or not there are any changes.

“A spokesperson for the Victorian government said the proposed regulations would be reviewed to ensure they would be effective.”

Victoria’s textile industry is highly regulated and regulated by the Australian Government.

Any alterations to the current regulation will be considered carefully and considered by the Victorian Government, who will then determine whether to pass the legislation or not,” the spokesperson said.

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